AnythingLLM Changelog v1.5.6

New Features:

  • LiteLLM Embedder support
  • VoyageAI Embedder support
  • Tooltips on UI menu and icon buttons
  • Improved alert on Github tool for PAT requirement
  • Gemini Safety threshold setting
  • Gemini 1.5 Flash support
  • RAG overhaul
  • UI improvements to chat export button styles
  • Bing and Serply Search API Support for @agent
  • Ability to edit prompt for re-execution to LLM
  • Ability to edit LLM response directly.
  • Added ability to search for documents in document picker (fuzzy string search)
  • Thread will auto-rename based on prompt with no LLM interaction for speed


  • Fix issue where Slash Command could not be deleted
  • Copy to Clipboard not working for code snippets with HTML
  • CMD/CTRL for deletion of threads is now press and not toggle.
  • Patch Chroma collection name requirements

What's Next:

  • Expansion of @agent to work with CrewAI, AutoGen, etc
  • Agent UI overhaul