AnythingLLM Changelog v1.5.8

New Features:

  • Automatic document sync beta
  • Experimental Feature support for future features :)
  • Automatic Ollama/LMStudio endpoint discovery
  • Built-in Ollama bumped to 0.1.47 (w/ automatic NVIDIA and AMD GPU support!)
  • You can now specify where you want to install AnythingLLM on Windows
  • Rework document picker UI & document picker tooltips
  • Support for custom domain confluence URLs
  • i18n support for English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Russian
  • Support Claude Sonnet 3.5 model
  • Support for searXNG search for agents
  • Persist query mode refusal responses as chat history items in DB for record keeping
  • Add OpenAI Compatible endpoint support to the API for workspace chatting
  • Generic OpenAI embedding provider
  • Removed Validation on Azure URLs


  • Patch Linux installer to auto-unpack AppImage for workaround Prisma client limitation
  • Bumped LanceDB to new client library for performance improvements
  • Really long filenames in rows overflow actions or "Cached" tag
  • Fixed issues with built-in Ollama incompatible with some versions of Windows

What's Next:

  • Local file sync for Automatic document sync feature
  • Fine-tuning pipeline
  • Custom plugins/skills for AnythingLLM app and agents.