Desktop Install
AnythingLLM Installation

Linux Installation

There are two ways to install AnythingLLM on Linux distros

1. Install using the installer script

2. Install using Docker

Install using the installer script



➤ AnythingLLM packages as an AppImage but you will not be able to boot if you run just the AppImage. Please only use the script below.

➤ Please open a Github Issue (opens in a new tab) if you have installation or bootup troubles.

First, open a terminal on your Linux machine and run this command.

curl -fsSL | sh

You can view the raw script contents here (opens in a new tab).

This will download the latest version of AnythingLLM's AppImage, unpack it, and then supply a symlink to seamlessly run AnythingLLM. This script will unpack the app in $HOME/AnythingLLMDesktop.

You can start the app at any time by running ./AnythingLLMDesktop/start. This will boot the app with full logging.

Install using Docker

Make sure you have installed Docker (opens in a new tab) on your machine, if you don't have Docker installed then you can install it by following this guide (opens in a new tab)

Run this command on your terminal

 docker pull mintplexlabs/anythingllm

It will pull in the latest AnythingLLM image from docker.

Once you have pulled the latest image, run the following commands

 export STORAGE_LOCATION=$HOME/anythingllm && \
 mkdir -p $STORAGE_LOCATION && \
 touch "$STORAGE_LOCATION/.env" && \
 docker run -d -p 3001:3001 \
 --cap-add SYS_ADMIN \
 -v ${STORAGE_LOCATION}:/app/server/storage \
 -v ${STORAGE_LOCATION}/.env:/app/server/.env \
 -e STORAGE_DIR="/app/server/storage" \

The above command will mount the storage locally and run AnythingLLM in Docker

Now go to http://localhost:3001 on your browser and you are now using AnythingLLM!

All your data and progress will persist between container rebuilds or pulls from Docker Hub.