HEADS UP! Feature previews are not stable. Please read on to understand the dangers of using a beta feature before using one.

Understanding the implications of beta previews

While we take great care to craft features carefully we also want to proactively offer non-standard features to users of AnythingLLM when in development or when we are looking for feedback.

When possible, we will proactively alert you to any particular dangers of a specific feature.

Possible dangers of using a beta feature

  • Partial or full data loss of AnythingLLM's local database, source files, stored documents, or datastores
  • Increased LLM, Embedder, or third party provider usage
  • Increased costs for third-party providers should they be used as a provider for an LLM, Embedder, or VectorDatabase
  • Increase resource usage on the device
  • Corruption of local DB or vector database
  • Unhandled bugs, exceptions, and crashes of AnythingLLM

How to enable feature previews


If you follow this procedure and nothing happens then this means that there are no active previews available for your version of AnythingLLM.

To enable feature previews in AnythingLLM in any form (Docker, Desktop, Hosted) open the settings page by clicking on the "wrench" icon on the left sidebar.

Next, press and hold the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows/Linux) key on your keyboard for 3 seconds. You should see an alert that Experimental Features have been enabled.

You can now access the feature management page and after understanding and accepting the warning modal you can now manage experimental features.