What is AnythingLLM?

AnythingLLM is the easiest to use, all-in-one AI application that can do RAG, AI Agents, and much more with no code or infrastructure headaches.

AnythingLLM is built by Mintplex Labs, Inc (opens in a new tab) - founded by Timothy Carambat (opens in a new tab) and went through YCombinator Summer 2022 (opens in a new tab).

AnythingLLM is not a one-person project. The Mintplex Labs team also includes:

Why use AnythingLLM?

You want a zero-setup, private, and all-in-one AI application for local LLMs, RAG, and AI Agents all in one place without painful developer-required set up.

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You need a fully-customizable, private, and all-in-one AI app for your business or organization that is basically a full ChatGPT with permissioning but with any LLM, embedding model, or vector database.

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If either of these things excite you - you will love watching the video below.