AI Agents
AnythingLLM AI Agents

Setting up AI Agents

1) Go to Agent configuration

Open the workspace settings and go to the agent configuration menu

AnythingLLM Agent Configuration Menu

2) Choose the LLM for your Agent

On workspace settings, select your LLM Provider and the Model you want your Agent to use. Be sure to click the "Update workspace agent" button or your settings will not be saved.

AnythingLLM Agent LLM

After updating the workspace agent settings, click the "Configure Agent Skills" button.

AnythingLLM Agent LLM


Not all LLM Models works well as Agents, you may need to use higher quantization models for better responses. Example: Llama 3 8B 8Bit Quantization gives better responses as an Agent



AnythingLLM supports a lot of LLM providers for use with @agents and you can see all the supported LLMs from here (opens in a new tab)

3) Choose your Agent skills

Choose the skills, or tools, for your Agent to use. The skills labled "Default" are default skills that cannot be disabled.

AnythingLLM Agent Skills


Some tools like RAG, Summarize Documents and Scrape Websites are enabled by default and you cannot disable them.

4) Choose your Search Provider (Optional)

One of the tools agents can use is Web-Browsing which allows agents to browse the internet.

Currently we support the following search providers:



You can ignore this step if you don't plan to use the Web-Browsing tool

AnythingLLM Agent Web Browsing

With Google Search Engine you can perform up to 100 search for free everyday.

That's it! You can now use AnythingLLM's Agents!

If you want to learn how to use AI Agents then you can read our AI Agent Guide or watch the below video: