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Run AnythingLLM on Cloud using Docker

Running AnythingLLM on a cloud service is the best way to run a private multi-user instance of AnythingLLM with full control.


Easy Cloud Deployment

AnythingLLM offers easily integrated one-click docker deployment templates with Railway (opens in a new tab) and Render (opens in a new tab).

This is the easiest way to self-host a cloud server version of AnythingLLM

ProviderMinimum Instance size
Amazon Web Servicest3.small
Google Cloud Providere2-standard-2
Azure CloudB2ps v2

AnythingLLM offers community-maintained deployment templates for cloud providers (opens in a new tab)

Once you are prepared to run AnythingLLM on your server the process is quite simple.

You should provision a folder somewhere on the host machine so that you can re-pull the latest versions of AnythingLLM and persist data between container rebuilds.



The Mintplex Labs team takes great care to ensure AnythingLLM is always backward compatible.

In the event this changes you will be alerted via code, deployment, or our regular communication channels on social, Discord, and email.

 # Assuming that you want to store app data in a folder at /var/lib/anythingllm
 # Pull in the latest image
 docker pull mintplexlabs/anythingllm:master
 export STORAGE_LOCATION="/var/lib/anythingllm" && \
 mkdir -p $STORAGE_LOCATION && \
 touch "$STORAGE_LOCATION/.env" && \
 docker run -d -p 3001:3001 \ # expose on port 3001 (can be any host port)
 --cap-add SYS_ADMIN \ # So you can scrape website URLs for information!
 -v ${STORAGE_LOCATION}:/app/server/storage \
 -v ${STORAGE_LOCATION}/.env:/app/server/.env \
 -e STORAGE_DIR="/app/server/storage" \
 # visit http://localhost:3001 to use AnythingLLM!

Done! You are using AnythingLLM!